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Center yourself by focusing

In Love.

 Begin to focus on The Passion Of Christ

           Pick a moment

Jesus in the Garden of Olives

Jesus is Arrested

Means Employed by the Enemies of Jesus for Carrying out Their designs against Him

The Denial of St. Peter

The Crowning with Thorns

Jesus Condemned to be Crucified

The First Fall of Jesus

The Carriage of the Cross

The Second Fall of Jesus

Simon of Cyrene.---Third Fall of Jesus

The Veil of Veronica

The Nailing of Jesus to the Cross

Erection of the Cross

Crucifixion of the Thieves

Jesus Hanging on the Cross Between Two Thieves

First Word of Jesus on the Cross

The Descent from the Cross

The Embalming of the Body of Jesus

The Body of Our Lord Placed in the Sepulchre













 What is Jesus thinking of right now?



Is He Thinking of You?


 What does His spirit feel like?


 Does Jesus seems strong? Or weak?


 Is Jesus’ Will weakening?


 Is His intelligence reduced?




Look into His eyes; Spend 5 seconds looking into                                                   the eyes of Christ.


Can you see His Love for souls?





                On The Cross, Christ cried out

                           “I am thirsty” John 19: 28

                Look into His eyes again, What does

                                                 He Thirst for?






Turn your sight now into your own heart -

To help you with this process, place your heart on top of this image. Write your name on the top box.

Write your joys and hurts on the next spaces which identify your heart as it is the result of your life process and conversion..













Place your heart and everything that makes up your heart into the hands of Christ
















Is Christ still thirsty?


 By offering your heart to Christ you give yourself to Him appeasing His need for souls;


You belong to Christ.

      A communion of Love

Binds you to the Trinity.


How is it possible?

God (Love) has offered Himself for you.

He gives Himself to you…

Your response calmed His Cross.








Glory Be to Father,

to the Son,

and to the Holy Spirit.



Biologically, we know that our existence is depended on what we eat, drink, and the function of our body organs. Psychologically, it is also a fact that every human person is born with a need of belonging and significance. For us to grow as humans, we need to feel safe and secured, have a sense of belonging and acceptance, recognition and a good self-image.  All these take place in the experience of a communion. Every one of these needs is encompassed in LOVE.

Recognize who you are!

Recognize your personal truth:

You Need Love, don’t you?

You Need to love, don’t you?

       Become aware that

I was created from Love

Love wants to restore me

Love suffers.

Would I appease Him?

Please follow the series of steps listed below


- your joys, place them in the heart of Christ.

- Your hurt, place them in the heart of Christ.

- Your failings, place them in the heart of Christ.

- Your successes, place them in the heart of Christ.


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